Endowment and Donations

CatRescue is a non-benefitial organisation, which does not aim on making a profit. Therefore the cats are living off endowment and donations. Money is used for food, cat litter, transportation, medication and veterinary help.


There are several ways to support us:

Bank account

Kassiabi MTÜ (CatRescue)
IBAN: EE902200221030561288

(Liivalaia Str. 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia), SWIFT - HABA EE 2X


In the explanation of the payment you may specify what the money should be used for: buying a certain item, supporting a specific cat etc. In case a forwarded donation can not be used in the intended purpose, CatRescue will try to find some other similar way to use it.

Since NGO CatRescue has been included in the list of NGO-s with an income tac incentive, you can show your donation in your income-tax return and subtract the sum from your taxable income.

Useful things

CatRescue is happy to receive donations in the form of items. This may be a good way to find use for stuff just lying around your house. The items do not need to be new, but they should be clean and tidy. For example, we need the following stuff:

  • cat food
  • cat litter
  • litter boxes
  • toys
  • pet beds, blankets, pillows etc.
  • leashes, cat belts
  • transportation cages
  • bowls for food

If you wish to donate some of the named items or something else, feel free to contact us on (+ 372) 55571625 or via e-mail , so that we discuss how your donation can reach us.




MTÜ Kassiabi | Tel: 555 71625 | E-mail: