The biggest wish of the Estonian non-benefitial organisation „CatRescue“ is that its existence was no longer necessary and every cat had its own home. But right now there is plenty to do. We have been helping cats since 2004 and nearly 300 cats per year go to their new homes.


In our temporary carehomes there are cats for every taste- white, red, regular tabby, tortoise shell – you name it! There are long and short haired, kittens and mature grown ups cats, lazy lapcats and playful little pranksters.


When getting a cat from our carehome, you will get relevant and honest information about the pet's health and character.

In addition we guarantee the help and advice from proffessionals. See the photos of the home-seeking cats in our albums and find a good friend.




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Cats needing a home - CatRescue temporary carehomes

pilte / katalooge : 79
lisatud : 31.12.2004
vaadatud : 836612 korda


pilte / katalooge : 73
lisatud : 04.01.2018
vaadatud : 9153 korda


pilte / katalooge : 32
lisatud : 09.01.2018
vaadatud : 4269 korda
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